Jan 22, 2014

  The beginning of the year is always such a mad rush, so many thing to get organized and I have my party too, I am best at last minute-organizing but things don’t always work out like that!!

I have been to my parents for a few days while Luv was on work-stuff. I always miss his extra pair of hands! Kids just love it on the farm. They  have loads of space and all they want to do is play. They have start riding balance bikes and my brother lend his kids bikes for the twins.... they were like glue on the bikes. If   I have give them permission they would take the bikes to bed.

Nika are your more care full-driver , you can just laugh while watching he, she got her own way and  think its dam fast!!! Wium is the hell driver!!! And what he has learn... to show off can be cruel!!! He had a hell of a fall!


He love riding with his” oupa” on the farm on all that have an machine.

I did swim allot in this heat and it’s amazing to see how great they are doing in the water. They are not arrived, which is good and bad. Nika love her little swim ring and NOBODY must touch her she want to swim on her own. Wium don’t want a swim ring he wants to jump and swim like his nephew!!( who are 5!) but i’ts nice to see how they manage the little things we learn them in the water.


.... and the best AT LAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are sleeping through, BOTH!!!!! Every night..... did not think this will ever happen!! Jippeeee

The past weekend we did camping in our garden to test-drive-our-rotten-old-camp skills! Kids have had a bliss! So from now on we will do some camping again!.

And Monday it was 6 years ago when I lost my two little boys!! I always hate the day and with Luv not being with me .... I felt very edgy the whole day!!!

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