Jan 14, 2014


HI Everyone!!! Welcome back !! and as you can see I am back again after a wonderful break. Always sorry if the nice ended and it’s back to normal again.

May you all have  wonderful 2014 with lots a amazing moments and loads of happiness. May all your dreams come true and may you all be bless xxxxx

I am always seeing forward to the beginning of a new year its like starting  a blank new page.

This year I am stepping into the 40’s ( still can not believe I am that old now, but after infertility have stole my whole 30’up, this is realitly) and I do have big dreams for this year !!!!


This past few weeks we as  a family have had the most wonderful time . swimming , beaching, walking, sleeping and just have fun times with our wonderful kids and fam and friends.
                           VIP Twins in their private Jacuzzi with a view
                                    Just loving their private sand-pit
                                     Late afternoon beach-visits
                                       Suro-sus visit us-coffee time
                                Dad show them an octopus on the rocks
                         You can not catch me!!! I am safe in dad's arms...
Happy Times

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