Jan 29, 2014

our camp site

We went camping this past weekend ....and whooo its was great!! Kids think is was best ever. The whole tent and”braai” and play were wonderful.

There were 3 swimming pools with different  temperatures and that was a bonus! Because we could not take the kids for swimming lessons since they babies( due to at the town we live... nobody do baby classes)

We took them, ourselves and did allot of effort and its pay off now. They love being in the water. Love jumping from the side with the heads under the water. And they will swim alone with their water rings.

Nika are like me, we don’t mind cold water and Wium and his father is the sissies, only warm water, please!!! Wium refuse to even put his toe in cold water. And when his cold he wants to hibernate!! He wants to sleep.

The place we camp at, have allot of animals!! A real kids dream.

We are wonder why we did not do this for a long time.... and realize, its because our kids only start sleeping through the past month and only now we’ve got our energy back!!  More and more of our “old life” are coming back.

Look at all the rabbits!
We love swimming
The was the "practise Camp" the weekend before, in our garden
The barbeque-king with his helper.

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