Apr 22, 2012

The twins are sleeping...we cover them with the green ponco's

Weekends are flying like jets in the sky!! I always have the blues on Sunday nights when I know the weekend is on its way dying!

When we home for the weekend the to-do-lists are longer than my arm, we have a just as long lists of fun-things-for-the-weekend to do ( friends, coffee-dates and fun stuff) This weekend, was stuff till the roof, and as I blog this ,I am so tired I want to die!! (Luckily I am off tonight!)

Today the twins were on their every first Game drive!!! 6 months and they can tick off their bucket lists) The nearby town have a Sunday lunch and drive “special” ( I love specials) so we met up with friends for this nice outing!!

It was a 2hour drive and I was hoping the twins will behave!( they normally behave on all outing!! Maybe they are scared we will left them behind) And  I could see the other people’s faces when be pitch with not one but two babies!

We pop then in the wraps and we did not hit the first animals ....when I saw they where sleeping, since birth, because we wrap then so many times, they love it and most of the time they will fall asleep.

So Nika and Wium did NOT SEE the elephants, rhinos, giraffe’s, antelopes, lions, zebra’s ect.....


Its wonderful to take your kids places and see who they just love it!!!!

Look the a elephant on the left are also  sleeping..zzzzz

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