Apr 19, 2012

The twins are now heavy on their-newly-trying-veggies-everyday. Nika just HATES everything, but Wium will eat anything that comes his way ( I think he will eat “mince-rat” if that passes his way too) he looks like a little bird when eating.

Eating time is a bit hectic, but great fun. And extra work for mommy.... now I need to do some cooking...a hobby I hate!!

... but soon the twins will have a buffet of food to choose from, and I can promise them, interesting combo’s will be coming their way.
I don’t like cooking, but I can make nice stuff. I never read a recipe, if maybe I will not follow it, because its boring and end up with the biggest flops ever. Like the pudding I did not follow, and it look like a Lillo-drifting-on-a-river, and the reason I did not put 5ml of something in....because what difference will that make.....A BIG ONE!

I do creative-cooking!!!! Which look super impressive? And after 12 years of marriage, Luv did not eat things twice, happy he, because I follow my instincts!

The cooking-mom

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  1. Pragtige foto'tjie van 2! En van jou...jy lyk heel handig in die kombuis!:)