Apr 11, 2012

Last week Wednesday we took the twins to get weight again. And they are

 Doing so good!!. Nika is weighing 8kg and Wium 7,5kg. Nika is now just above the normal growth line and Wium on the dot.  I am so glad they are doing so great and are not overweight babies. Although Nika is weighing more , Wium is the little eater!  He is drinking 200 -250ml more than she and are eating double what she polish.

They have grown 11cm both from end of January. They are tall, that I can tell you.

The sister who weigh them were testing their milestone, and she are so excited because they are doing great, if you think they have to be on the 4 month mark and she said they are on the dot for 6 months the only thing they cannot do is they cannot sit...what’s normal for preemies.  I am so impress with them , because I don’t want them to fall behind.

After the appointment I went for my yearly Gyni check up. Wonderful to be just normal after all these years. Not talking about IVf’s ect..

... and he was saying  the same as last year....Girl, what about contraceptive?? What??? I would love more kids..... but with your history ( yes I do have i history, and I know all the doc’s want me on contraceptives.

All I could say was, a miscarriage for me is like for you to go and buy bread!! I will be fine if another one hit me again.

I think after all these years, contraceptives are not for me, It just sound, too weird.

And then when he do the scan....your lining look good!!! And look at the good egg-follicle ??  First thing I ask was...on what side is that wonderful egg??? Its on your tube-less side, bummer!  So that little egg will not end up in my uterus, hope it will not come marching up my nose...all these years everything always look, o so good....but its not working like normal. My productive-insides are like, you think you just bought the biggest bargain ever....just to get at home and see.....ITS NOT WORKING!! And you have through a way the return slip!!

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