Apr 9, 2012

This is how it look if Dad needs to do things in the garage and look after the babies!!

It was a wonderful weekend...and its always terrible to be back in normal life, but I suppose that’s life!

The weather this weekend was bad, raining and cold, but we love it. So nice to be inside and just chill. We saw allot of friends this weekend who pop in and mostly the twins like all the attention. Our friend’s kids just adore them and were playing and goo-ing with them. Wium goes crazy if he gets attention!!!! And they love it if someone is holding them.
The one night we only got in at half past 2 the night.....not nice if it was your “OFF NIGHT.....YOUR SLEEP-THROUGH-NIGHT” and I was the lucky one!! I think because we went out from the start the twins don’t mind. They are not routine like babies. They just go with the flow!!!!! Lucky us

Nika and Wium looking at the fire, facinating for them


  1. Great that you have 'go with the flow' babies... so much easier :)) Love the photos of them xoxo

  2. I LOVE your fireplace! How romantic!