Jun 28, 2017

Haloo I was not gone-missing-sleeping-immigrating or what else…. I was just so busy with my book!!!


Wowwww      wowwwww    Wowww, It took me by surprise with just so many people that wanted my book!

I still are abit in a bubble of what??? Did I realy did it???? Gollie Gush! And the feedback took the wind out of my sails!


I think while writing there was a certain aspect you wanted for the readers.  You hope they don’t find your book boring…think it was total crap! And then you get all of these texts and emails and calls of what they think about it.

For two weeks I was in some shock and it took me back to how damm hard this journey was and to get the feedback of how many women out there is feeling so freaking alone on this road they have been stuck too!!

A BIG THANX to all of you who bought my book!!!!


My book are on Amazon Kindle.

 The Paperback are not ready due to the publishers that struggle to get it uploaded the right way. It is in process and will be ready hopefully soon.

Or you can order it with me.


Just drop me an email zeroguarantees@gmail.com

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