Aug 10, 2017

5 years ago the twins start to get teeth!

The first one was from hell !

And with twins I thought one will then be bad and the other one will breeze through this teeth getting…

But it change into our worse night mare with both kids struggling to get them.

Every single damm , bloody, freaking one was chaos-thundering-awfulness!

Each and every single little  ivory  diamond there was fevers of over 40 degrees, it let them cry, vomit,pass out and never sleep for almost 3 years.

Nika had a total personality change after all the whites arrive at last.

That passing-out and running to get them under the aircon to get the fever down was the hardest part….

So you can just remember what happen when the W came running to our room one morning with his best news ever… Mommmy my tooth are loose..

I start crying immediately!!!! Cause if he only knew how hard it was to get that mouth full of teeth and now you are losing it….. and where is my baby???????


So the tooth mouse are a HUGE thing now in this house, and someone’s little boy have just found a new way of  money making!!

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