Jun 5, 2017

Thanx for the overwhelming response to my book!!! I can only say thank you all!!

as you can see, one blue balloon is missing!! this is what happen when you takes photos with kids and balloons...."mommy there goes the blue balloon" but after all who wants to live in a perfect world!!
Something amazing that happen the day after the release...
6years ago when I lost the last baby with the ectopic pregnancy, I nearly died and my body when into shock. Then I realize I have lost some of my memory. I could not remember names , places ect. It was bad for me but what can you do?? I suppose sometimes your body block some stuff. And then the day after the release...
My memory can back after 6 years!!! I miracle!!
So to have write the book was meant to be ... It was a setting free!!
Drop me an email at zeroguarantees@gmail.com if you want to know about my book. 

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