Oct 26, 2016

2016 are nearly finish which leave me with this  “ I-still-need-to-do-something-this-year-which-I never-done-before”  


So what have I never done before??????



Trail running???? Yes let’s do this !!


I have not been running for the last few years…………. I only swim for a year now, which leave me feeling like Olympic swimmer and the body looking like…. A couch potato!! But after years of infertility drugs force into this fuck up body leave me looking more like a blowfish….so may be after a few years of swimming I will see the before IF body again! I hope so!


Okay three weeks ago I start walk-run 2 – 3 km on my treadmill 2 x a week!! I wanted to do a 8 km trail….  I have this funny my-own-training-programs. If I can run-walk 3km then I just need to do it 3 x over and I get discount of 1 km, this I how my head works. ( the not normal-average-mind)


The week before the race I did not run cause if you do the Comrades marathon you need to rest your body……so I rest! How the hell you compare 8km to 100km still buff my brain but its me.


Saturday 22 I enter the HILL Challenge trail run…very excited to get a goodie bag( I am a freebee lover)  and off we go….after 300metres I wonder why did I do this. We hit a hill after 800m which I walk up cause it’s too steep and walk down cause I don’t want to slide done….. and then before 2km this next…not hill dam mountain was rising upfront! At this stage more walking than running for this girla!.

And it feel just like infertility with this huge walls that want to break your spirit!! And its then when this fighting in me for YOU-WILL-NOT-GET-ME-UNDER-HILLS I will do this kick in.

I put some speed in and my head down and run and if walk it was speed walk.

I feel so strong with no pain in my Knee and ankles which are always the problem and I finish with a great time feeling like a hero!!!!


I know this sound like bragging but I am so dam impress with myself!!! It did my spirit so GOOD seeing you can do things which sound like something out of your reach!!!!

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