Apr 11, 2014

                                                               The Two-Brains

Two brains are def better and more challenging to deal with.

I know I have entered the terrible two’s, which really are not at all bad. I acutely love it. The tantrum stage we have sort out long ago. The tantrums they can do, they not allow to make any noise while busy tantrum. Which is funny to see. They look like worms lying on the floor. So you just step over them and go on as normal.

But the way they team-up and mostly it’s against poor me and the enormous plans this two brains can think of to do, is ageing me up with a speed of a flash.

If one don’t want to do it, they will stick together and the other way will not want to do it or eat it. Mostly the one will eat and loving it than the other one say no, don’t want to eat. It’s only then when the other twin brain, stop to think.... I also don’t want to eat!.

They get up on to things which let me gasp for air. And they encourage each other so together they think the world is theirs.

If the one don’t want to get dress in the morning you can just about leave it. And if we went for a stroll in the pram, to shop or grocery shopping. We need to take their favourite toys( which are sometimes allot) or they dress up. I think Nika have bunions problems , cause she wants her slippers on most of time. I bought her pink bunny slippers Tuesday and the next day she walk in them till 4 o clock that afternoon. I bribe her to get it off!

Everything needs to be open up, been cut or need to been drawn on, needs to be turn up side down.

To be at a coffee shop with play gim and they start killing each other and I need to go up these spaceship things with the whole of the place watch at this enormous noise that’s need to be sort out. Then I want to burst into tears.

It;s then  when I start to scream YES ON THEM!!! I think I sound most of time like a bitch!! And I wonder is this normal???? Do other moms, nanny’s or daycare aunty’s do this also the whole time? Is this supposed to be normal? Will I lose it one day. Will this pass?? Ever?

But I do think this is normal at this age! Thank goodness!! Otherwise I am just bullshitting myself!


But I do adore them 99.9%!!!!!
                                 Garden Transport
                                 ...our tennis star to be...
                                 ...our miss-world to be....







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