Apr 23, 2014

The past weekend was Easter weekend and it was time for egg hunting!! Must say I think I am more excited than the kids, because this year they understand more what’s going on!

When they spot the eggs from the balcony they went ballistic! And to see them running around like rabbits was so much fun. Nika just scream when seeing an egg! Wium pick up all the eggs. If it was not form sharing the eggs some, would have ended up with only one!.

We got the “glow in the dark eggs” that kids love, I think we have hide that eggs more than a million of times this weekend.

And me and Luv ended up eating all the eggs... Mmmmmmmm


And the rest of the weekend they go to the balcony peeping over and ask when the bunny is going again..... this are going to be a long year till next-year-bunny-time!.

I've got them!
Me too!!!
Yes, I am an egg-hunter!
When will this happen again, Mommy?
Mom, also found the  most precious 2 bunnies!!


  1. it was a lovely time for us too now that kade understood what it was all about ")
    Your two are so cute!


  2. Its wonderful!!! just sad time fly so quickly!!!