Apr 2, 2014

After 3 years we went to the KKNK festival again. We just love it always and to watch shows! But this year we just went to stroll around and have fun. NO SHOWS DUE TO BAGAGE...

Kids love the vibe and all that was going on. We meet up with friends and funny how quick time flies, some we have not seen in 2 years. So the coffee dates were marvellous!

It did take planning because the twin’s parents have no time and no routine, except for sleeping. Nice part was daily when they sleep in their pram for 2 hours.

Years before kids we always think kids will change it all, but we still just go with the flow and only got back late Sunday.

In an A.R.M.Y ambulance, glad he is not the medic!
Nap Time!! under a nice tree
Look how high we are!

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