Sep 9, 2013

The last two weeks I have been super super tired!

I can sleep, I can rest... but I stay super tired!! And I hate it! I am running low on energy.

I Am very busy with project things that just don’t get finish and on the other side I need to keep my house in order and do twin-sitting all day.

We play most of the day doing all kind of kids-stuff, and mostly I doing cleaning up, because these two are rocking my place now. I think nothing will ever be the same. And as it looks now if I don’t do the renovating of the house they will do it. My coffee-table has been re-do with RED-PERMANENT-COKI, my white walls with grey pencil.

And then the moment they got a dirty-diaper, they say Poo and start running!! We need to catch them before cleaning it’s a great game for them. When we need to go to town they start running.... after their bath they start running, so mostly I am running now and try to bullied them to get anything done.

A week ago I received a mail.... ARE YOU EXERCISING RIGHT????? Not are you exercising!!

So now on top of my tiredness, I  am exercising for the I.M.P.I race that are around the corner.... and to be honest I am not fit for it!!!! At all!! Help help help

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