Sep 25, 2013

It was a long weekend and we went to the beach with Suro-sus. So today its laundry all day long.

Weather was nice kids love the beach or I need to say the water...still wonder why kids don’t get cold??the water was freezing cold.

There was a festival in the town the pass weekend and so we pop in. There was this “thing” where you sit in a hanging chair, they pump the thing up and then you freefall 9 metres. Very adventures!! Wium spot it and want to go with Nika by his site. They were crying over this thing!! Then Suro-sus went in and next moment Nika follow with Wium Screaming to go with.

So the twins did the freefall thing and LOVE it , when the fall was finish they start clapping hands, they want to do it again! For me it was scary.... Go adventures kids!!!

We have had a little pre-party for the kids, Suro-sus ( the great cake-baker) was laughing for my attempt!! But watch this space!! You will be surprice!

Suro-sus helping with the icing
Searching for little fish
Daddy I want to free fall, please!
Look I can do this rock climbing
Me too!!

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