Aug 15, 2013

From the beginning we did not give the twins sides in the car, on the swings or whatever. We were changing them all the time ever.

Every night at bath time we change, not taking the same kid to bath and putting their clothes on. So we where swopping all the time.

They did not have their own bottles, cups, or cutlery.

Only their own cots! And they decided each on a swing that was that!!!

But the moment we took them out of their cots and put them in beds, one with blue duvet and the other with red duvet, everything change!!

If there are 2 cups and there are a dominate  girl/boy colour they will fight over that. If so funny because we did not colour code them. But now they each got their own-decided-stuff and you can stand on your head they will not drink out of the other one’s stuff!

And Nika refuse to get pony tails because Wium don’t have... you can just imagine her hair ( look most of the time it rats made nest in it)

Twins are very interesting to watch!

And the interesting thing of all, we did not know the genders till birth Baby A was lying on the left and Baby B right. Baby A was Nika and the B was Wium.
And now in the car, were ever there are sides Nika will take the left side and Wium right just like inside their womb-nest.

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