Aug 19, 2013

Finally, at last, after a long time, it had hit me, HARD!!!

My twins have, too quickly, past their baby-stage. I know I was looking and looking till my eye were dry but I don’t see babies in my house anymore, it’s gone.....gone forever!!! And it will never be back never again...sob....sob...sob!!!

I was clinging onto, so much maybe’s!!

Maybe it will not go so fast!!

Maybe they will stay baby a little longer!

Maybe I will have a baby even without any tubes again!!

But reality hit me with n bang!!!

I have kids who have start talking, eating by themselves, run, walk, climb and through tantrums ( without any noise), kids with personality and a will of their own.

So last week I know it was time to say goodbye! I was putting it aside for so long, but there are no more space left in my house for everything, I wanted to keep for my kids for when they got their own kids. Ridiculous, I know. We will need to buy another house and Luv was putting his foot down, get rid of all this baby stuff we don’t have space.

So very brave I was getting ALL BABY STUFF in my house, ready for action-going-away-tata-take the road!!

Ive got friends I want to give stuff so I start sorting boy/girl stuff. First clothes I have in my hands..... no, not this, this I want to keep, putting it aside, next thing, the same. I cannot do this and start crying!!! My soul out. It was so emotional... but I know I need to do this and start all over again. So I was throwing every single thing out, clothes, cots-bedding, sleeping bags, jumbo chairs, eating chairs, all the toys!! So my house is all sort out now. Baby-time....gone for ever...


But one thing I could not get rid off.....their prem-clothes!!! That will stay in my house till I die!!!

ta ta babygrows!!!
soft toys, disinfected and busy drying....for someone else's babies!!

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