Mar 10, 2017


Yes I was so not on my blog for awhile!! and so much have happen.... we have had school athletics

and they just love this 3 second race.... and now they need to wait a year to do this again!!.

and it was my Birthday!! 43 yes it look as if I am maturing now!! geez and I don't feel this ancient!!

... and through all of daily stuff we are busy with my BOOK!!!! it took forever but I suppose this is what happen if you want to write a book with twin-tiredness-less sleep-concentrating ect!! not that easy!. This was one late night correcting and double checking!!

                                                             and there was fun times!!

                                and we slip from school with a day with fun with mommy!!

                          and this brave girl did ear piercing for the second time !!

                                                            Mom I did it!!!!

                               and in between I did proof reading again and again and again!!!!!

                    the great news....... we will start the  printing process next week!
                                            exciting and nerve rocking!!!

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