Mar 31, 2017

This is me in hospital!!! and guess what not for my arms of legs or anything else but....women stuff!!!!  as you all know my freaking uterus are A BITCH!!!!!!!!

All the babies that think then could enter by uterus need to be wipe out by the dam bitch.... and she if not wiping babies out  monthly she made me bleed nearly till death!! I got periods as heavy as storms!!
I am so ready for this!!!!!!

So after the second ectopic, they put a Mirena in ( its for contraception!!!) but as I need zero contraception mine was put is to minimize my periods!!

Check!!! you can move the emergency caesarean in before me!! I love to wait!!! after the Mirena the bleeding was less( not gone) and then one day "The Bitch" was back, thinking who the hell have intrude me?????  You must be OUT!!!! cause I am a bitch!!! so she start to bleed!!!!!

From December she start, January we ( DR, the kids ( they always with due to lack of babysitter) and me ) took the Mirena out cause at this stage I bleed EVERYDAY!!  I went on the pill , but the bitch is furious!!! and the pill did not work a bit. For four months I BLEED!!!

Yesterday I went for a endometrial ablation! Show they can bomb my lining away!!! and remove a sist!!  Hope this will be the last seen of periods!!!!

They were so glad mom was out and alive!!!! Mom do feel a bit whonkey!

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