Jul 10, 2016

We are back from a nice break.... and now its very cold and I think yearly like bears I went into hibernation. I can not move or do anything I think puffy jackets have something to do with it....

The first morning we got up at 4 o clock after I went to bed just 2 hours earlier to get everything right and ready. Its better to start driving when its still sleep time ....cause the how far??? will be very far!!
                                             First stop ready go......

First night we sleep in Bloem after a whole day of driving!! the next day we went to Nika and Wium's grandma and pa.

love the fairy garden with all the frogs, birds, hippos the whole bunch
they where so spoilt with this blankies  specialy for them.... best prezzies ever. After the holiday they where not the colour you see on this pic
Visiting a nursery
seeing the first animals along the road and we have not even hit the Kruger
the rest of the pic's will follow this is day 1-3

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