Jul 14, 2016

On our route we stop at fruit stalls where only six women sat selling their good. ....and then I ask do you have kids?? and people came from nowhere!!! the went ballistic and then you just realize how in need some people are.. it was a good lesson for my kids...how privilege we are.

then we went to the Kruger National Park!!! its a big park where animals are wild .... so stay in you car at all times!
all set up in Berg and Dal  one of the camps we stay in.
Boy will be boys.... the W just wanted to make fire all day.
early morning the twins wake up with dad to do a drive so see wild animals.... me just sleep in, what a bliss!!! the is the coffee when they got back!!
So sorry for this ouks! cause they got this pouching on the Kruger its so sad
this is a lot of tortoise on a Hippo's back
sitting at a waterhole waiting for the animals

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