Jul 8, 2015

Hallo Hallo!!

I am so dam quiet on this blog and it's not if nothing is happening in my life!  There are so many things I want to tell you but ... I am a right-brainer-weirdo-limited-edition!!

I am always busy with things. One of my friends told me she will go crazy to operate like me. I am always busy with a few projects and then I am all over the place!!

and with the years of the stupid infertily who stole  all my normal life and left me feeling so dam useless and unworthy . I am scared... may sound stupid but I am so fed up with failure that.... I just don't do all my dreams, cause what if it fail??
so now I have decided, dam scared!! get your act together girl and do what you want and if you fail try again that's what you did years ago!! again and again!!!

I think what if I fall again??? but darling what if I fly!!! so bring it on!

but now all the stuff are heading to the end!!.

I have start selling jackets !! very funny out of my garage for the last 2 months. Why I start this I give the jackets ( it's second ,but wonderful ) away in winter time for people in need! it's one of my projects in winter. But every time I got some, my friends saw it and want it! so this year I got a few hundreds and told my friends( word of mouth) to come and buy for people in need. Most buy first for them self and then for people working for them or farm workers ect. Its affordable jackets.

So I invade my dear husband's garage. just realize I did not take a pic of my "new" job-hobby! will put some on. and  the people just love this lucky-pack-jacket-search-shop. my kids like it too. but it kept me busy.

and I have start to make a "baby-toy" first ones I got last week they are so sweet!!  Suro -sus think they horrible!will show the pic later and I made some wooden toy-games and the people like it!! not finish but it took awhile just to get someone helping me with some things. and there are more stuff in making!!

in two weeks time I am having a pop-up-one-day-coffee shop at my home!! and you will ask why??? cause I am crazy!! with the kids under my knees and toes and on my back I miss some action in my life and this made me feel like a me, not  only a mommy( which I like to be) and it's at home cause my kids can be with me them.

its school holidays and so NO school!! and I love having my twinnies with me all the time! we have so much fun! they miss the school but when they there I miss them so much!

and this weekend we are going to watch Disney on Ice!! with the kids!!

hectic but wonderful, soon will post some pic!!

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