Jun 22, 2015

Hi everyone!! there are so many thing I want to share with you all but are I need to get everything first in action. And with my life style( if you can call it that) nothing get to finish. but I have hope!! at the end it will all play-off.

I am organizing something or must I say  more than one thing. I am making some stuff, and I am trying to do all the things that was plan  BK( before kids). All the dream-things I always wanted are dotted on my notebook and are getting to the end now.

Yesterday it was Fathers day!!! how wonderful to have a father in our house now!!!
Last week a girl who sing cabaret have had a show at my house and it was brilliant!! The kids love it!!
And with power failures that are now so part of our daily doing I don't get all the admin on the PC done!
Hope you all have a wonderful day!!!!

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