Apr 19, 2015

I know you must think I have left..... I think I just could not found my laptop in my house. Because I can not found anything....because I start redoing this kids room which I thought will take me on the most 2 days but at this pace it fell like 2 weeks!

Geee I quickly move the kids out of their room for the night so that I can paint their room. Now they have beds on the floor, with a weeks washing surrounding them, curtains ( that have been wash) hanging over al the cupboards. Dirty clothes in baskets that we trip over all the time. My room with half their room's stuff in.... and and and.

This is the reason for my  absence.... but hopefully tomorrow they can move back till the last touches need to be done. otherwise I will go insane!!!! its a mess in my house and I create this monster!!

you will see the new room soon.....

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