Mar 27, 2015

When you order your fertility drugs, it arrive in “the Purple Bag” !!


I still remember when “the bag” arrive it was like this bad-surprise-packet to see what your plan will be for your next IVF attempt.

I can still remember how I look at this bag and think how the hell am I going to get all this injection into me??? Will I make it?? I wish this was not for me!!

.. and then after a few try’s I have a few “purple bags”! so I just kick this bad memory bag to the back of my cupboard.

Mr W just love going to the squash courts with his dad! But he wanted a sports bag like his dad! And I knew that if I give him a bag I cannot take it back, and at this stage I don’t have any spare bags. And he wanted one.


So whoola I remember the “purple bag”!! or must  I say vanity-thing. And give it to him! He was ecstatic about it..... mommy my own bag!

In his bag is xtra T shirt for after playing ( he don’t even sweat!) all the broken balls, his modified broken racket, keys( which don’t open the squash courts) and a sweatbands, and drinks for afterwards, it’s very funny! I just laugh when the bag is on his shoulder!!

... after all the “purple bags” was the very beginning of Mr. W!!!!


Mommy can’t wait for your first real game!!!!

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