Feb 26, 2015

Today I read this on a friend’s page.

She got 2 sons. One has finish school and the other one is at boarding school.

This is what she said:

“I am reading the story about ##### sick kids, chaotic house, washing that are piling up, and and and....I walk through my neat and clean house with nothing that is out of place, and all I want to do is jump on the beds, throwing wet towels on the floor like my sons did. I miss the glasses and cutlery that was all over the house. The rooms that was always upside down, the music that was always  playing so hard, the mom what are we eating?? I miss their smell in their rooms. I miss making sandwiches for school, to drive them around to sport activities, I miss the all moms do things.

So enjoy the chaos in the house, the sick kids, cause this quiet, neat house sometimes drive me nuts. I miss my kids!”


This is so true sometimes I  think will this chaos ever end?? Yes it will and I am so scared for that. Sometimes I have nearly broke my ankle in my house and my head spin If I look around and just don’t know where I need to start..... But I have kids and I JUST LOVE THIS. They can take over my house, which they did, they can take over my life, which they did.

I am so bless due to miracles and a angel to have my twins!!!


I still wonder how he did this??? it took 3 days to get the pink of!!

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