Nov 18, 2014

I think I would love  a calm, relax, organize, silent sound peaceful environment.

I must be so nice, and the more and more I try to tend to “that” “life”. The more and more my world turn out to be chaos, un-organize, full of things around me, noise ....noise.... noise all day!

It’s like I cannot operate without it, but I also cannot operate with it.

And the moment things are total freaky, I will give the twins something to do like cutting paper ( which leave my whole house with 1000000 of pieces of paper) or please paint , cause I need to do something and when I look they have paint my walls....

This is spinning me out, but I think I need it, it’s my personality. And now I have allot to organize.

3 months ago I book a woman for a house MY home. This is the house where I have NO help I need to do everything myself.

And I live to overdo everything I touch. So what about a I Chrismas my house... and now my overfull house are even more ‘Full-with things-hanging-from-the-ceiling’ my garden have Xmas trees in it. And the lights are all over. And  as I look around I wonder how the hell will all be finish before Tuesday???

But I can’t wait!!! For my Xmas-Garden-house-full-of 50-sqeeze-in-people-having –a-night”


 So hell-bells...Bring on the chaos!!!

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