Jul 22, 2014

Why do kids just love birthday parties?? May because it just super fabulous exciting... bit if you too small you just don’t understand the wait!! You need to wait a year for you next party.

The twins just love “happy b-day’s” as they call it!

I did not ask them what cakes they want this year, because Wium will take a dog-cake again!!!! And Nika a pink Rabbit!!

So I decided what the next party theme will be, but they saw the pic and ask?? So I said it’s for your “happy Bday” and now I wonder if I will ever see the end of this next two months!!!

They asking all the time when we are going to bake the cake?? Freaking hell-bells!! So this morning we bake blue cup cakes and I put candles in and we sing and blow.... millions of times!!!!!!!! They don’t mind presents, it’s the singing and blowing that is the big issue for them.

And for the last year if anyone ask Wium how old he is, he said without an blink of a eye.... 5!!! So 5 he will be and everyone think there is something wrong with the boy!!!!


Busy baking their cake.
the big blow!!
The after party was not so great!!


  1. Ha ha ha ha! Smart boy he can't wait to be 5!!!!

  2. Yes, and I wonder from 5 to what age he will jump!!

  3. Ha-ha, Gian is net so oor die kersies uitblaas! Ek steek nou maar so af en toe net 'n gewone kers aan en dan sing ons maar en hy blaas. Hy noem dit happy ju-ju. Nou die dag het ons sommer 'n winkel koek gekoop met kersies toe sy ouma verjaar sodat hy kan blaas, maar hy het so baie geblaas en gespoeg niemand wou rerig die koek eet nie :) O, en hy wou dit nog self sny ook so dit was in baie snaakse vorms gesny.

  4. Kan jy glo hulle raak so groot!!! wat n blessing !!

  5. Cstelle they are just too gorgeous for words! Love the W is "5" ;)