Jul 14, 2014

                                   Racing on their favourite horse  'MINE"

It is  mine !! NO!! Its mine!! NO Its Mine!!!!

NO!!!!!!! Its mine!!!!! No!! Its mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This is what I am listening to ALL day! The twins want their own everything, not wanted to give any part of what they think is theirs, to their brother or sister.

It’s ridiculous!! Cause they have mostly two of everything so while making a sandwich, preparing two at the same time , it’s mine you hear!!

Giving them something to drink, it’s MINE!!!

And then it’s not that they take the other’s stuff, they just want them to know it’s theirs!!!!

I think they have realized the word MINE and it’s a game now!!!!

To see their personalities develop at this stage is strange!! Everything have change and so different. I think they have now figuring out who they will be in life!! And this  I can tell you!!!!!

I have the North Pole on the one side and the South on the other!!!!!!!

They walk like this the whole day!!

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