Jun 28, 2014

                                              The one and only!!! MOUSE!! back home again!

Kids have been snotty and coughing and at last when you think you have tick it all off. Nika’s last molar pitch and she is crying all day. SO yes  I have had a hectic time on hands and nearly lost it all.

 And then the worse that could happen, you lost their favourite, their best sleeping toy, their best friend ever their one and only...


THE MOUSE!!!!!!!


We have been at my parents and the morning when we need to left with no time on hands, “the mouse” was gone!!! Firstly I thought that maybe one of them have put it in the bags, because we just could not find it!!

We would never ever leave without the 2 Mouse but I was thinking that they are just between our stuff.

At home unpacking all our bags, one mouse is gone. Going through the washing, One mouse are still gone. Phone my mom to search for “mouse”

That evening the “mouse” was still missing!!! And we where hopping like rabbits to not let the twins see one is gone.

Next morning the “mouse” was still missing and so misses his lift with the school bus to our town!

After a few hours still missing we where force to put out a reward for “mouse” this will let people make and extra effort to search.

At 12h I got the call  THE MOUSE HAVE BEEN FOUND!

It was such a relief!!!! It felt like I found one of the twins!.

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