Jun 12, 2014

Funny that you just take day to day and doing your normal things , things get out of hand and more chaotic each minute and then one day you realize.


The excitement with twins taken up ALL and this I can tell you, ALL your time with ZERO time for anything which includes me. I end up with always cleaning, yelling, trying to catch one to dress, to feed, to play.

This is where I have found myself 2 weeks ago...... LOST totally LOST! Help!

I also know I am chaotic too so this is where disaster have struck! BC Kids I was having a programme to which I stick, but now the only thing that have structure is my kids sleeping-routine. 2-3 hours( 3 hours now in winter I think it’s to cold to get up) sleep in the afternoon and 20h00-20h30 in bed at night.

So 2 weeks ago while feeling lost! I know I needed to get a grip of twin-chaos-me life. So while they was playing outside  I took some paper and pen and start writing down all the stuff I miss and want to do.... like

3x treadmill a week                                                

1x hour reading a week

1x hour mani and pedi time a week ( actually this is to fix my chipping cutex)

2 x Play dates for the kids

3 x activity doings

1 x week coffee date

Mondays after Luv comes home, its  HOUSE CLEANING SERVICE-ALA-ME

2 x writing a week

Wednesday night its date night- watching movies at home.

From Friday to Sunday it’s Family time

This programme have started the very next day.... with mind blowing results!!!!!

I stick to my “NEW-ORGANIZE-ROUTINE” and just do what I need to do for that day. It turns out to be heaven in my life now. How I don’t know but I have loads of extra time on hands. I have reads 2 books in the Last two weeks. The kids get much more of my time and we have watch MOVIES!!! My nails are manicure again. Just show you if you are crazy-head.... stick to the rules.

I think I found myself again!!!! Jippeeeeee!

Foam Fun
Time to chill
..even time for pedi's

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