Jan 30, 2017

The beginning of last year, a car was following me when I came from doing shopping in town. I did not recognize the car and was wondering who the hell this person is, after I made a few ditches to lost the car on my tail.


At last when stopping at home a women jump out asking if she can please buy my twin pram! My first reaction was … Are you mad I still used it and I just love my pram!! I know my babies was already 4 years old But… No I am not ready to let go of my pram!!

So I told her we still used it on occasions, ye 3 times this past year ( she don’t need all the info) but I will let her know the moment I was ready to sell it.

Then every now and then she send and text, can I buy the pram, with me saying after the December holiday we will make the call. And I will let her know when.


So on the holiday she ask AGAIN!!! As you can see she really WANT MY PRAM.

 Hubby said let it go and me … NO I am not ready!!


So then she text me, my kids are going home in a weeks’ time and they want the pram. SO I said! You can have it come and fetch it on the 2 nd of January.

I thought the morning of the 2nd I am going to put the twins in their pram which I adore and make a last ride and probably ball my eyes out!!.

But the morning of the 2nd with a house full of sleepover friends at 8 the morning , everyone still in PJ’s I got the call, I and standing infront of your house!


What a shock !!!  was mentally prepare for this! My Pram are going to be someone else pram,

I cried with  this people watching me, It was one of the most emotional things to let go after!!!

But my twins are 5 years old and I still think of them as babies!!

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