Apr 12, 2016

for the  last 2 months....geewhizz it took months we are two days away from finishing all the left behind 5 years stuff.. We put in new windows cause the one in was at there last. When it rain mt house was wet! due to rotten wooden windows.

The inside of the house needed to be paint cause after 10 years the walls was bubbling up and in need of a redo.

With chaotic babies growing in to kids most of stuff got throw in the cupboards just to create more chaos..... but it work.

so I was surround by people coming and going in my house. Hammering, painters people on the roofs, idiots invading my space and I hate it!!! other people was all day just where I look. It freak me!!!! but it need to be done. it took so long cause then it rain we nee to stop next its a holiday and then we need to stop.....

The painter I fire after I told him not to spill paint on my floors and the one day when I saw the mess I fired him which mean I paint in day time when I got the time and Luv help after 9 at night when the house was in silence. We paint one night till 2 the morning and the other at 1 . We nearly died. But we did it.

My house was always very colorful I love it!! but if you see it now????  the same colour all the walls.... its so not me !!!!!!! but I think I need this need calmness in my life!! how long the calmness will last I will see.

I took room for room and change everything that was in need .

Today was the first day with no one in my space...... it felt great!!!

soon I will post some pics of my calm-house.... I took of everything on my walls so it will take  time to get it all in place again!!

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