Feb 4, 2016

Before Hurricane Infertility got stuck on my back…..

I was this girl that had and Phobia for NEEDLES!!!!!!!


I was so shit scared!!! And the moment I hear the word injection-needle-doctor-hospital-dentist…. I pass out!!


Many times I was passing out before I hit the theatre. I know this was supper dooper embarrassing!! And everyone laugh about my situation..


But them my ridiculous life change into a life with needles, uncountable lot of injection, many doctors, many theatre visits. So Yes I was no affraid anymore cause this was the only life I knew!.


With my last ectopic as I leave the hospital I swear NO NEEDLE EVER IN MY BODY EVER!!!!


Every year I always have this list of things. This year one of my brand new project “ Give a piece of yourself” have just start. So on my way in car, they talk about give blood for people in need. Your blood can save 3 prem babies, and because my twinnies was prems I will start with this.


There I arrive after infertility, not scared of needles.


I got in the chair, kids running around mommy, they put the needle in , no pain! And then as I lay there…. I start to feel horrible!! Like years before IF and I know what is about to come my way!!!!!


I am fainting!!!!! Yes I know supper embarrassing !! but it happen!!!

SO yes I faint!!! Goodness what a way to save a life!!! But I will be back!! I am not a quitter!!

This was al the before pic's!! Things was still looking good at this point!

I still think it's great to do this!! I wanted to do this since I was 18 years old!!

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