Aug 16, 2015

People are wondering why the world are at a place where it is. There is more and more crime, more murdering, more violating, more bad things happening around us.

On everyone’s lips are the words ‘WHY”?

And the big answer is all come down to respect.

#       RESPECT  for ….yourself!!!

#       RESPECT for …..others!!!!

#       RESPECT for …..   things!!!


Cause if you don’t have respect for yourself, how the hec will you have respect for others and their things??????


Just look what parents do to their kids. Drop them off at school with their PJ’s and night diaper full of pee. Cause you late??? You plain dam lazy? Or do you just don’t have any respect for your poor kid, I think you don’t have respect for your kid, her school teacher, friends or school. You must the kids be proud of herself if her mother are not even proud of her.

Why will you, knowing your kids have head lice just drop your kids  at school. Is it about the RESPECT-THING again????


Why will you drop a sick kid at school? They feel terrible, the germs will spread to other kids and will infect the school. Is it about the RESPECT –THINGS????

And this is just the tip of problems which  are just the very first start of life and it happen daily around me.

If a mother don’t have any how so ever respect for herself who the hell will she have respect for her children  which are suppose to be her all. So there will be no respect for anyone around them…
cause every one that did something bad was once a small kid who need  some respect for his mother and some proudness.


So why do anyone still wondering why are bad things happening in the world……its  about stepping up and have respect!!


  1. I am a mom that is always late but my kids are always clean dressed, and the youngest never dropped off with a dirty nappy, never!! I will forfeit a shower but my kids will look there best, if sick they stay at home, if it is freezing they stay at home, they are 2 and 4. I must seriously work on my time keeping!!!

  2. You a great mom!!!! cause you took your kids interest first. that's how its suppose to be. Don't mind the late! to get kids ready took ages and then as you left home someone needs to wee....