Dec 2, 2014

The kids have been riding balance-bikes for most of this year and now ask for BIG BIKES. We decided to give it for Xmas but then they ask every single day, millions of times, so we write letters and went to post it.


While sitting in the road taking a break after a  bike-ride they said. We wish the Christmas man can bring our bikes.

It’s then when I told them I think I saw something in our garden, they run around and when coming around a corner. THERE WAS THE BIG BIKES!!!

I got tears in my eyes when I saw their faces of WOW can this be true!!! They were so excited ....and now all we do is...



Big bikes!!!!!! Nika think hers are so beautiful all she wants to do is sit on it all day!!.

When I look at them all I can think of is, they so big now!

Look the big steps towards the bike
Wow can this be for real?? mommy??
Very proud!!
This all he wanted!!

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