Oct 17, 2014

We want to go camping for a few day, great excitement on this front. Funny how quick I can pack when it’s just me in this house, but with this “help” it took me days and the finish is not even near.

I remember the time I was having a Bday party ( seeing forward to it alot) so I pack 2 pair of high heels which , Me-was-not-in-in-years. Due to constant babysitting 24/7.  And after all, a girl needs some glamour dressing some time.

So when getting dress, the twins was in the shoe bag before we left home so yes the heels was there but one of each!! Which make the choosing very easy .... NO high heels for me!!! I settle for with the usual  flip flops, the only other shoes that was with me that weekend.

Then another time when finally finish  packing my suitcase, it was zip up and I went doing something else, the kids was having  a ball....when I was having alook to see what is  all the fun about.

Yes they unpack the whole suitcase and was giving each a turn  to climb in the suitcase and zip each other.

If they see I have pack their toothbrushes, they  want to brush their teeth!! And as the clothes went into the bags, they told me that is actually what they want to dress for the day.

So the camping will end up in some, just look and see what

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