Mar 9, 2014

We took a bit of a long weekend last week and went camping.  I pack the car and we wait or Luv to get home, when it start pouring rain. So what now???? Because we see so forward to it we decided.... come rain or not, but we are going!!
                                             Wium enjoy the coffee and cookies

The campsite was full due to pensioners on long holidays, but we get squeeze in between them. Long time ago we live in the town but now we are on semi-holiday and it was totally different....... it was the best ever time!!! We have had a ball of the time!!
                                                Just love my family

The Friday night there was a festival and the kids just love all the lights and people, they did not wanted to go home!!!
                                               Totally exhausted!

The rest of the time the weather was super! And most of our time we were on the rocks and beach and pools. We did loads of walks.
                                                       Bath time
                                    Early morning bird feeding

The older people love the twins and the twins love them too. I do think there was times when they quickly zip up the tents when the twins was on the way....
                              Mmmmmm,  nice supper, mommy

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